Carlos Aciego de Mendoza Delgado spends his whole life and his work on Canary island of La Palma, where he was born on May 16th 1993. “La Isla Bonita” is a treasure trove full of pictures.

Since his boyhood he had this idea that he only could be happy being a photographer and it is therefore that he centred his academic career in reaching this goal: Art School (E.A. Manolo Blahnik) and C.S. in Photography.

His vocation? Photo journalism. He attended various classes and workshops, among which are “How to tell a story” by Arturo Rodríguez, winner of the World Press Photo, and the one organized by the Spanish Ministry of Defense for conflict zones correspondents. The numerous photo reportages he realizes for different security and rescue forces highlight his strong point – illustrating realities.

A day without his camera is just unimaginable. And his works for prestigious media like The Guaridan, El Pais, El Mundo, Daily News, and others are living proof of it. Despite his short age, agencies like Efe and Europe Press already distributed his photographs.

His goal? Picture the life and daily reality in areas of conflict to help bring them to light.

“I’d venture to shoot the most extreme situations, but I’m fully aware that no story is worth the life of a journalist”.